Season 4 - Farm Hands

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Season 4 - Farm Hands

Farm Hands” is the seventh episode of Season 4.


  • Ren Höek
  • Stimpy
  • Abner Dimwit
  • Ewalt Nitwit
  • Mr. Horse
  • Bossy
  • Rooster
  • Chickens


Abner & Ewalt hire Ren and Stimpy as farm children.


  • Bob Camp is the new voice actor of Abner.
  • The footage of Abner and Ewalt babbling from “Out West” is reused, however, this time the colors are darker and unlike this episode, Out West was digitally inked. This time around it was copied from that episode via cells. Abner and Ewalt are also wearing different outfits.

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