Stupid Sidekick Union” is the second episode of Season 5 of The Ren & Stimpy Show, which aired on March 18, 1995.


  • Ren Höek
  • Stimpy
  • Tex
  • Baboon
  • Polly the Polyp
  • Barney Rubble Expy
  • Hillbilly
  • Wiener
  • Victor (wears a rabbit, cameo)
  • Marvin (cameo)


The sidekick union is going on a massive strike, since Stimpy can’t stand the abusive slaps Ren does to him anymore. So Ren is forced to audition new sidekicks, but no one seems to be able to pull out the same pranks as Stimpy.


  • Despite being a Season 5 episode, Ol' Blue Nose and this episode aired two weeks before the last two Season 4 episodes did (Superstitious Stimpy and Travelogue).
  • This episode is Tom McGrath’s directional debut.
  • This is one of the rare episodes where Stimpy takes a dislike to his best friend, Ren, so this is the only episode where Stimpy takes a dislike to Ren for something he did.
  • This episode signals the fact that Ren and Stimpy is a cartoon as this is an episode focusing and parodying on the duo’s own show, created by John Kricfalusi.
  • The Stupid Sidekick Union are references to many unions in the industry (SAG, WGA, DGA, Animators Guild) and their frequent strikes for better working conditions, while the Scab Sidekick Union references non-union (or scab) talent, whom are subjective acquired mostly when said strikes affect different studios in the industry. The running gag of scab actors getting pelted with bricks is also a nod on how some union members have disdain towards scab workers.