Season 4 - Field Guide

Field Guide is a four minute short from the fourth season episode, “Hermit Ren”. Characters Ren Höek (seen as a statue; deceased) Stimpy Wilbur Cobb (as The Bandy Legged Codger) Kowalski The Doddering Old Fool The Grey Tufted Old Fogey The Grizzled Curmudgeon Blue-Crested Biddies The Wily Tree Geezer Plot Stimpy welcomes the viewers to another episode of Untamed World. The viewer is reminded that last week’s show, Ren was ripped apart to bits by a pack of blood thirsty Peruvian boot weasels, and Stimpy is the host in this short.

Season 4 - It's a Dog's Life

Ren and Stimpy are on death row at the pound, being led to the gas chamber. However, they are saved when a sweet, rich, and seemingly sane granny comes to adopt them.

Season 4 - Ren Needs Help!

The episode begins with Ren being shown in a state of insanity, babbling to his several important possessions, including his favorite chair, Danny, and his collection of glass coffee tables, Danny, Raymond, and Desi.